6 Famous Celebrities Who Love Jewelry: Chains, Earrings, Pendants

Rihanna Wearing Jewelries

Each of us longs and strives for something unique and that reflects who we are as a person. Wondering what that could be? So it could be a special piece of clothing or even better – it could be a special piece of jewelry or a whole collection of jewelry.

Of course, this is not only enjoyed by ordinary people who are not famous in front of the cameras but also famous people who are especially fond of earrings, chains, and pendants.

In the glittering world of celebrities, diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend – they’re an extension of personality, a statement of power, and sometimes, a rebellion against convention.

In addition to diamonds, we would also add chains, earrings, and pendants, which are a great friend to both men and women from the celebrity world, in their own special form.

While many adorn themselves with gems, some wear them like armor, wielding chains, earrings, and pendants as talismans of their journey and expressions of their most audacious selves.

Celebrities associate jewelry with their unique style and their unique personality, so let’s dive into that uniqueness together. Here’s a peek into the dazzling personas of six celebrities who turn jewelry into an art form.

1. Rihanna – a symbol of unique style and combining jewelry

Rihanna - Jewelry

If anyone can make a super chain with a pendant or great earrings look nonchalant, it’s Rihanna. The Barbadian beauty is a master of the jewelry game, stacking delicate chains with chunky chokers and vintage pendants, creating a symphony of uniqueness and her own selected trendy experience that reflects her own fearless mix of elegance and streetwise swagger.

Just think of the many events over the years where Rihanna has appeared in some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry, and you can find some of the trendiest jewelry like hers on top sites like Rihanna made the seemingly impossible, effortless.

No matter what she has in her jewelry collection, she proves that jewelry isn’t just an accessory, it’s an attitude and you can wear it however you want.

2. Harry Styles and his unique style with unique jewelry

Harry Styles

Forget all about jewelry for a moment – Harry Styles is the king of jewelry when it comes to gentlemen. It is especially known for pearl necklaces, but there are also chains with specific pendants that are also often seen.

This gender-bending icon has made the jewelry he wears and combines his signature, effortlessly weaving it into his well-combined stylings like suits and rockstar leather jackets. He proves that pearls and jewelry aren’t reserved for grandmothers – they’re talismans of rebellion, tokens of a generation unafraid to challenge norms and redefine masculinity.

It is a symbol that constantly carries something that is at the same time a brave step, a good step, but also a change that men, and in general everyone perceive and apply through jewelry.

3. Zendaya – a rising star who captivates with her jewelry

Zendaya - Jewelry

Zendaya’s jewelry choices are like chapters in a story and you can almost always see great jewelry in her choices. It is a symbol for interesting earrings, but also pendants that are super combined with chains.

Each piece becomes an accessory to her transformative acting, whether it’s the vintage Chanel earrings that tell us about the glamor of the last century or the edgy ear cuffs and stacked necklaces that mirror Rue’s complexity in “Euphoria.”

She champions independent designers and earrings, necklaces, and pendants mostly that are not exposed so much that she promotes them as a super choice that can be perfectly combined.

4. Pharrell Williams – the signature with his unique stylish jewelry

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams isn’t just a musician, he’s a walking art exhibit, and we can conclude all that by combining the jewelry, especially the chains and pendants that are his trademark.

His jewelry is a meticulously curated collection of the weird and wonderful, a mashup of vintage Rolex watches, chunky gold chains, and statement rings that wouldn’t look out of place in a museum.

He elevates the ordinary, turning a combination of chains into something that would be a choice for the most trendy men in the coming period, or layering mismatched bracelets like a modern-day alchemist.

With Pharrell, jewelry isn’t just bling, it’s a conversation starter, a portal into his endlessly creative mind. For Farrell, jewelry is a signature!

5. Beyoncé – the queen of nice jewelry


When it comes to jewelry, Beyoncé knows how to make a statement and she shows it, and we especially saw that on her last tour and Super Bowl Halftime Shows. She channels her inner Queen Bey with layered gold chains, dazzling statement earrings, and intricate headpieces that wouldn’t be out of place in an Egyptian palace.

Remember all those pieces of jewelry that, after seeing them, you look for a way to buy them and have them for you? Beyoncé makes every piece of jewelry unique to her, but also to everyone after her. For Beyonce, each piece amplifies her fierce grace and unwavering power.

But she’s not afraid to play with the unexpected, pairing delicate chains with couture gowns or rocking oversized gold hoops with athleisure. The clothes, but above all the jewelry is her trump card.

6. ASAP Rocky – the hip-hop prince with interesting pieces of jewelry

Asap Rocky

ASAP Rocky is a walking masterpiece of hip-hop royalty. His jewelry isn’t just an accessory, it’s a badge of honor, but also a way of life. Why lifestyle? He can be seen in each of his releases with an interesting chain with a new pendant that everyone is raving about.

He layers chunky gold chains like armor, his fingers adorned with signet rings that tell tales of hustling and hard-won success. He rocks grills with unapologetic swagger and mixes high-end brands with vintage finds, creating a look that’s both streetwise and sophisticated.

Rocky isn’t afraid to push boundaries, sporting pearl necklaces and diamond-encrusted watches with equal confidence, proving that hip-hop jewelry is a language of its own, one he speaks fluently.

These six stars are a great demonstration that any jewelry can be properly combined, and can fit into everyone’s style, but above all jewelry is the best signature for every woman, but also for every man, no matter how strange it sounds.

Look for a piece of jewelry that would reflect you as a person and give you a new and unique image and look.

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