Top 8 America’s Funniest Stand-Up Comedians of All Time

Stand-up comedy has been experiencing great popularity lately, but if you are its fans, you know that it always has its own stage and audience, and that year after year, it looks at the world around it through humor.

Comedians are very interesting and know how to bring you to tears, but what they really know is to look at life and the world in a unique way, and “turn” it into what we later call a comedy sketch. It is known that what is funny on stage is not necessarily funny in life, and vice versa.

This is exactly what stand-up comedians do – they make a hilariously funny hall out of everyday things that are not at all funny. Also, even a tragic event can be interpreted in a comical way in stand-up comedy, where humor appears as a form of dealing with traumas and life’s difficulties, but not in the sense of denying painful situations and avoiding problems, but as the possibility of seeing them in a much wider context.

This special genre of comedy, which implies the direct contact that stand-up comedians have with the audience, has become a real hit with many people and is an ideal reason for gathering the company in a place for top entertainment. If you’ve been wondering who America’s favorite stand-up comedians are, we’ll tell you soon. You can also visit this site to check out some of America’s Funniest Stand-Up Comics.

1. Chris Rock


We believe that you have already had the opportunity to watch one of the numerous comedies with this actor in the lead role. Handsome, extremely eloquent, witty, and – unlike many stand-ups – with almost flawless diction that makes him understandable even to those who don’t speak English the best, he is perhaps the most famous on this list. Rock’s comic presentations mostly revolve around kinship, race relations, politics, romance, and music in the United States.

2. Jim Carrey


Do you know those people who make you smile as soon as you look at them? Jim Carrey is definitely one of them! He is recognizable for his stand-up comedy performances, but also for numerous film roles. But, as they say, often the people with the most humor are actually completely different people inside who are fighting their own demons, and Jim Carrey also faced them.

3. Celeste Barber


When we hear the word humor, we can’t help but think of the famous Celeste Barber, who publishes her short videos daily on social networks. Celeste decided to face “body shaming” and show all her flaws in a humorous way.

Tickets are always requested for her performances. With her 8.7 million followers on Instagram, she has become an inspiration to many brands. Whether she is more interesting live or with her funny posts – decide for yourself.

4. Jimmy Fallon


Late night with Jimmy Fallon is a very popular TV show worldwide. This man is an inexhaustible source of good jokes that permeate his show. Jimmy finds inspiration all around him, so his performance is definitely something worth watching.

5. Tig Notaro – Happy to Be Here

Tig Notaro is without a doubt one of the wittiest people in America. In addition, Tig is also a lesbian who, according to the stereotypes imposed by society, “doesn’t look feminine” and had to fight with that stereotype, but when you listen to her talk about all her struggles in life, you’ll die laughing anyway.

6. Jerry Seinfeld


We believe that there is no person in this world who has not watched the famous comedy series Seinfeld, which is named after this actor and comedian who plays the main role. Since his first performance at the legendary New York nightclub Catch a Rising Star as a twenty-one-year-old college student in the fall of 1975, Jerry Seinfeld has been writing his own material and saving it all, and today you can buy a book of his “collected works.”

7. Kevin Hart


Kevin Hart is perhaps one of the most famous comedians today and is currently very active in the world of comedy and acting. Kevin has his own show on Netflix’s “Netflix Is A Joke” program, which you can watch on YouTube and which is, to say the least, hilarious. Kevin is also known for his friendship with actor The Rock, and they often make jokes about each other.

8. Dave Chappelle


Dave Chappelle is one of the greatest comedians of all time, and this is confirmed by the two Emmy awards and three Grammys he won. Political, direct and very funny, Dave Chappelle won the love of the audience with his jokes in which he talks about the problems of society, especially the USA.

The topics of racism, chauvinism, and prejudice are no strange to him, and the audience loves him because he is politically engaged and realistic in his stand-up performances.

In the history of stand-up comedy, there are a number of comedians who made people laugh to the audience, drawing inspiration from their own pain, suffering, and all kinds of problems, showing how thin the line really is between tragedy and comedy.

Humor is a way of dealing with negative emotions and problems, as confirmed by theories of relief that are recognized in laughter as the defensive mechanism and way of releasing accumulated stress.

The peak of form for any stand-up comedian is when he manages to gather an hour of material with which he can continuously entertain the audience. No one has an hour of material right from the start. In America, some even work as audience ‘warmers’ before taping television shows.

Only when they try out shorter parts of their performances after such, smaller performances, they can try longer performances – those of fifteen, twenty minutes, half an hour, and finally an hour. A little humor is what we all need in life, right?

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