Celebrities Who Were Surprisingly Good at Poker

Casino games like poker are quite a favorite and entertaining for many celebrities. Due to its high reputation, celebrities are not expected to be involved in gambling activities. But many popular people have enough time to spend in casinos and play poker to win rewards. This activity entertains them and puts their skills to work. … Read more

Neo Soul vs R&B: What Is the Difference?

Neo Soul vs R&B

Neo Soul and R&B are two genres that often get confused with each other by many people due to their similar characteristics and features. Today we are going to solve this dilemma and touch on the subject of Neo Soul vs R&B and the differences between them. The first thing that we should mention is … Read more

10 Most Famous Jazz Musicians From New Orleans – USA’s Classical Music

New Orleans jazz musicians

Nowadays, numerous music enthusiasts consider jazz to be the classical music of the United States. Trying to point out exactly when jazz originated is difficult, but the answer to where is rather simple – New Orleans. Today we are going to discuss some of the most famous jazz musicians from New Orleans and talk about … Read more