Celebrities Who Were Surprisingly Good at Poker

Casino games like poker are quite a favorite and entertaining for many celebrities. Due to its high reputation, celebrities are not expected to be involved in gambling activities. But many popular people have enough time to spend in casinos and play poker to win rewards.

This activity entertains them and puts their skills to work. You may not know those popular names with poker skills that commonly appear in different casinos. This write-up will share the names of celebrities who love to play poker and manage their busy schedule for this activity. You will also get surprised when you get to know those names.

You may gain interest in casino games and attempt to try them once in your lifetime. Before you start thinking of gambling, you must go through the list and check whether your favorite celebrity’s name is mentioned here or not.

1. Jennifer Tilly


With millions of fans worldwide, big-town actress Jennifer Tilly loves to play poker. She is known for his skills because she generally wins on the table. You can easily find her in high-class casinos because she often visits there. There is one thing that you may not know about her. She loves participating in poker events and has won a WSOP bracelet.

She has won more than $700000. The best thing is her strategies, as she knows how to handle her competitors and defeat them on the table. You must know about the best casinos where Jennifer Tilly prefers to play this casino game by visiting

2. Tobey Maguire


No one exists who does not know about Tobey Maguire. He is a popular actor who played a lead role in the first Spiderman series movie. Everyone has known about him since 2004.

But not many individuals know that he is also a good poker player.

He participates in poker events and makes money by using an assistant gadget, also known as Shuffle master. With the help of this gadget, he knows how to master the game. He is good at taking challenges with experienced players and playing in tournaments.

3. Shannon Elizabeth


Many people are fans of Shannon Elizabeth, who played an interesting role in the American Pie series. In 2007, she participated in the NBC championship and won the tournament. After that, she has become a popular lady who plays poker.

In an interview, she was asked about her relationship with this gambling game. She replied that this game is like a second career for her, and she is involved in it desperately. Since 2010, she has played a single game. Many gamblers want her to become a part of the gambling industry.

4. Kevin Hart


He is a well-known comedian who is quite successful on the stage for his performance and, at the same time, in the poker game. Recently, he has challenged many gambling players and participated in high rollers.

Now, he is considered the best player in this gambling sport. He performed well in many Hollywood movies and has a big fan following. Undoubtedly, he is a talented celebrity who is involved in many activities, including poker. Kevin wins the hearts of his fans and entertains himself through gambling.

5. Ben Affleck


Ben is an actor as well as a director who loves to play poker in his free time. He manages to get enough time to play table games and make money. Affleck participated in the CA tournament, where he won more than $350000. Well, that was an incredible achievement for him, and he also got third place in the Oscar wins.

He is quite popular because of his amazing performance in Batman. Apart from the movie line, many gamblers also know about him and have become huge fans of him. If you are one of them, you will also try playing interesting casino games.

6. Matt Damon


Ben is the best friend of Damon, and he also loves to play poker gambling games. He performed well in many movies, and everyone knows about him. In 1998, he played a role in a poker-based film and won the hearts of many gamblers. Many individuals do not know about his participation in many gambling events.

This table game is entertainment for him and a part of his successful career. You can easily find him in random casinos and try his luck. Many of his fans are also connected with the gambling world by supporting him.

7. Gerard Pique


He is a football player who participates in the Spain team, and also, he is Barcelona’s defender. Both teams are equally big and play well on the field. It is quite hard to imagine a football player in a casino playing poker and making money. But you may find it shocking that he is also a good poker player.

He has participated in big championships and events, in which he has won more than $200000. As per the sources, he learned how to play poker during his Manchester United stint.

Undoubtedly, he performs well in his soccer matches as well as in poker events. Many gambler fans support him in this game and get inspiration from his winning strategies.

Final Thoughts

Surprisingly, many celebrities are involved in a poker game, and you must know all the names included in the list. If you are a fan of any of them, you must know everything about them. Many people who also play poker and gamble their money can also get inspiration from their favorite celebrities and perform well on the table. Like them, they can also participate in big events and try to get rewards.

The gambling world welcomes everyone and initiates them to try different games. You can also play poker online or by visiting traditional casinos. You can admire all the celebrities that are mentioned here and inspire yourself to win a significant amount while playing table games. These names will encourage you to participate in big events and learn several winning strategies.

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