10 Best Speakers For Digital Piano 2023 – High-Quality Picks for Synthesizers

Music is our best friend these days. It always gives you plenty of company even in the absence of people. Synthesizers can be accommodated in most places. It is the dream of most pianists to have their instrument in their vicinity. No matter how honed your skills are, the music will only sound melodious if the sound system complements the symphony of music.

Our Pick
PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitors (Pair) – Powered Desktop Speakers for Music...
Amazon's Choice
Bose F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker, Black
Best Price
Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8060FA Floorstanding, Dolby Atmos Speakers (Piano Black Pair)
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Donner DKA-20 Keyboard Amplifier 20 Watt Keyboard AMP with Aux in and Two Channels, Bass Guitar Amp,...
PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitors (Pair) – Powered Desktop Speakers for Music...
Bose F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker, Black
Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8060FA Floorstanding, Dolby Atmos Speakers (Piano Black Pair)
Donner DKA-20 Keyboard Amplifier 20 Watt Keyboard AMP with Aux in and Two Channels, Bass Guitar Amp,...
Our Pick
PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitors (Pair) – Powered Desktop Speakers for Music...
PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitors (Pair) – Powered Desktop Speakers for Music...
Amazon's Choice
Bose F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker, Black
Bose F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker, Black
Best Price
Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8060FA Floorstanding, Dolby Atmos Speakers (Piano Black Pair)
Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8060FA Floorstanding, Dolby Atmos Speakers (Piano Black Pair)
Also Consider
Donner DKA-20 Keyboard Amplifier 20 Watt Keyboard AMP with Aux in and Two Channels, Bass Guitar Amp,...
Donner DKA-20 Keyboard Amplifier 20 Watt Keyboard AMP with Aux in and Two Channels, Bass Guitar Amp,...

For a soothing and elegant experience of mesmerizing music yielded from a synthesizer, we must purchase good speakers. A speaker is a fine investment in the era of high-standard music. Here we have presented the best speakers for a digital piano.

Top Speakers For Digital Piano In 2023 Review

1. PreSonus Eris (Pair)

PreSonus Eris

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Often, it is seen that the general public loves to hear genuine melodies. Professionals who have to produce such melodies, use this speaker. The Presonus Eris works the same way as the bigger versions to offer studio-quality sound with smooth and precise frequency response, making it perfect for domestic videography.

These speakers cost a lot lesser than their counterparts. They were originally built for computers and multi-software purposes. Therefore, it can totally be used to improve the gaming experience.


  • The bass produced by the speaker is incomparable. The system produces a realistic environment.
  • The shrillness of sound is eradicated by the smooth silk
  • The speakers have a tuning feature. This enables the user to develop the sound from the piano.
  • The front panel has much better features that allow connections to a mobile phone. The jack given supports almost all smartphones. The connection also allows you to listen to a particular set of music all by yourself in case you want to maintain privacy or keep a low-volume environment.
  • The 50-watt system provides great power to ensure that volume is never an issue.
  • The design is compact yet brilliantly professional.
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2. Donner DKA-20 Amplifier

Donner DKA-20 Amplifier

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The amplifier is secure and durable. The strong material on the corners and a synthetic layer keep it protected and stable.

The notes provided by these speakers are softer and warmer. This differentiation implies that the amplifier is not so shrill. It will provide a more controlled tone instead of a shrill, high pitched tone when played.

The weight is five kilograms and is therefore moderately portable. The idea of carrying an amplifier around is always beneficial as you never know when and where you require it. The compact dimensions allow it to be used almost anywhere.


  • The package comes with a set of two speakers
  • The keyboard has a fresh style.
  • It is a high-range frequency model
  • The durability of the speakers is no doubt, supreme.
  • The speakers use power in a feasible way by using techniques of conservation.
  • There is multiple control available for bass, treble, volume and other important settings that will add to the overall experience provided.
  • It also happens to have a media player and an outlet for earphones.
  • You can also perform karaoke with the mic settings.

3. Wharfedale Walnut Speaker

Wharfedale Walnut Speaker

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This sound system is an entire auditorium packed into a little box. It is a blockbuster in terms of the finish it has. The crisp sound it generates through its large hull is irresistible for any listener. Whether you are playing the piano at a club or in a room to record it, the final result will be in favor of the positive melodies offered by this speaker.

The inherent elegance of these speakers brings to the table, the ambiance of your studio or room. The textured walnut design seems old-school and authentic. Such little details bring warmth to the performers and audience by building an atmosphere identical to a club.


  • These have been imported therefore bringing international quality to the table.
  • It has a sonorous soundbox that generates good bass.
  • The compact nature of the speakers will make them fit even on a bookshelf.
  • The 120W power system allows it to have a generic yet high volume setting.
  • The system is a wired one. The wires ensure that there is no loss of intensity or delay in musical notes.

4. Klipsch Dolby Atmos Speakers

Klipsch Dolby Atmos Speakers

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This product is revolutionary in terms of both its features and its quality. The cabinet is made from a hardwood veneer that is hard to refinish but durable and does not resonate. It can be kept on the floor and will blend as a part of the interior of your house.

Such an all-rounder must receive the appreciation it deserves. These speakers are highly priced on this list, and you might as well consider them lavish. The premium factor that sells this product is the mind-blowing Dolby Atmos. Be it movies, music, games, or anything involving sound, they all feel a lot more realistic. The bass provides tremors rendering the music much pristine.


  • The color finish is that of a synthesizer itself. This shade makes it ideal for synthesizers.
  • The Dolby Atmos feature is enabled by a specific channel.
  • The amplifier and sub-woofer is constructed of a blend of metal and ceramic.
  • The wiring is of copper alloy which conducts electricity flawlessly.

5. Donner Studio Monitors

Donner Studio Monitors

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This model of speakers is a lower-priced version when compared to the other models listed above. They happen to provide value for money and are perfect for those that want a complete experience while keeping their budgets in check.

The sampling done by the monitors is superb. The sampling allows the music to be played in a more pleasant way. It is also ideal for someone who is fresh and is trying to convert a personal hobby into something bigger. Musicians seeking professionalization of their art may surely opt for this model of the Donner Studio Monitors after considering certain features.


  • The monitor offers a surround sound experience. This experience is produced by creating acoustic club notes.
  • The tweeter makes these speakers ideal for most rooms. It is best suited for medium to large rooms.
  • The wireless stereo feature allows you to have a hassle-free and tangle-free experience.
  • The interface has an impressive overlay. It seems convenient to use normally.
  • The soundbox is made of wood and therefore gives a classical note to the music played. Wooden boxes often provide a good balance to the shrill notes of a synthesizer.

6. Bose Flexible Array Loudspeaker

Bose Flexible Array Loudspeaker

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Bose is a premium brand. This model is an expensive speaker on the list. The speaker consists of a powerful subwoofer. A subwoofer from bose offers intense bass that will complement your keyboard work.

It has been designed and developed in a way that it will always add optimum bass and not unnecessary bass. It also provides sheer clarity of tones. They are so clear that each note can be distinctly identified by an expert. This is an impeccable character that very few speakers can even come close to.

The loudspeaker comes with a stand on which it can be mounted. This additional and flexible feature gives it a structural boost. The poer finally provided by the entire setup is crisp. Combining it with the woofer, the complete performance is loud not only in reality but also in terms of the volumes that it conveys.


  • The woofer’s frequency and power are immensely strong.
  • The power rating of the speaker is 1,000 W. when compared to other speakers, it is humongous comparatively.
  • The array is powered from another line which keeps the integrity of the system maintained.
  • The wires of the system can be hidden almost perfectly. It will not have any disturbances on the clear beauty of the place it is installed in.
  • The array is wonderful. It can be modified into multiple dimensions. This feature gives distinct results when combined with the mountable stand.
  • It has convenient volume controls and a premium overlay with dual channels for input.

Buying Guide

powered speakers for digital piano


The build of a speaker means the design of it. The design does not only make it look aesthetic but also amasses structural support to the entire system. The functionality and the overall structure of the system will ensure that you derive the best possible quality from the speakers that you end up purchasing.

It is always suggested that you pick a speaker that matches your digital piano’s aesthetic appearance. A good-looking speaker will add to the beauty of your room.


Before purchasing a product, you must first answer this crucial question. Will you be carrying the speaker around with you? Or are you planning to use it in a particular region? The size you choose will be influenced by your response to that question.

If you are a performer who performs for the crowd, you might want to invest in a large speaker or maybe even a small one if it can support and improve the quality of the notes that you play. If you’ll be playing in various settings, a transportable yet robust speaker is a promising decision.


It is never an embarrassment when you have to consider your budget before purchasing rather anything. Your budget exists in the first place because you are smart to limit your expenditure.

If you wish to purchase it for a studio or a stage performance or are comfortable enough to spend on a depreciating asset, go ahead. But for the ones with a budget constraint, be sure to prefer a speaker that suits your wallet. Do not get influenced by the performance of the speaker as greatly.

speakers for digital piano


Versatility is not such a primary need for you if you are only looking for a speaker that is going to be used exclusively for your digital piano. However, secondary needs can be required by many. This secondary demand will mean that buying a versatile speaker is imminent. It is not feasible or practically possible for one speaker to don all characteristics. The widely known idiom, jack of all trades but master of none, stands true.

A speaker will not be able to give an outstanding feature if it has too many features. If it caters to both of the aforementioned needs, it will not be priced low. Therefore, understand your requirements and then move forward into the cart.


The connectivity modes of a speaker are surely a primitive point of discussion. As it is scientifically proven, wired connectivity offers better results and supreme tunes but becomes a mess when they get entangled. Also, it becomes fussy to carry the wires everywhere when you are supposed to travel. Tripping over wires is also not a pleasing sight. It is thus preferable that one goes for a wireless speaker. This will, however, offer an inferior melody in most cases.


The music will only sound good if the performer plays well, in spite of the speaker you select. Since every musician has a distinct sense of musicality and composition, the primary features of each speaker must be mixed and matched before purchasing it. This distinct and unique nature of human creativity will inspire you to purchase an elegant device for sonorous output.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary that a digital piano has a subwoofer?

Subwoofers are in the same boat as speakers. On their own, a good sound system is definitely incredible. Introducing a subwoofer to the setup can provide the depth in a tone that a listener would normally anticipate from a grand piano. This nature of a subwoofer makes the digital piano sound realistic.

Does a piano really require an amplifier?

Pre-installed amplifiers will not suffice for your performances when purchasing most digital pianos or synthesizers that are being used by you domestically. There is a need for additional amplification if you are a veteran musician who bothers about how you sound and perform in front of an audience.

How many keys are on the panel of a piano?

There are usually 88 keys in a piano. The key count will not affect the speaker’s performance greatly unless they are not familiar with the panel.

If these weren’t enough, check out some other speakers for digital piano from Amazon also:

Como Audio Solo Wireless Speaker - Hand-Crafted Veneer Cabinets- One Touch Streaming, Internet...
  • Multi-room music system with one-touch streaming and Hi-Fi sound
  • Countless music sources including FM radio, Internet radio, Bluetooth streaming, Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No phone or device needed for most functions
  • Hand crafted furniture grade real wood veneer cabinets for truly stunning decor matching
  • Custom digital signal processor, 30 watts per channel RMS digital amplifier
Amazon Basics AC Powered PC Multimedia External Speakers, 3.47 x 4.26 x 9.34 inches, Black
  • AC-powered (13W) wired multimedia speakers with dual 2.5-inch drivers per speaker for supreme stereo sound with notable deep bass
  • Turn the speakers on and adjust the volume using simple, easy-access controls (located on the front of the speakers); volume control includes...
  • Plug and play—simply plug in the power and insert 3.5mm jack into your audio device; plugs directly into a wall outlet for maximum power
  • Connect up to 2 devices at a time using 3.5mm audio input plus auxiliary line; built-in headphone jack for plugging in headphones; frequency range of...
  • Measures approximately 3.4 by 9.3 by 4.2 inches; weighs approximately 2.8 pounds; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty
Samson MediaOne BT3 Two-Way Active 3" Bluetooth Monitors - Pair **OPEN BOX**
  • 2-way active studio monitors with rear-vented, precision-tuned port enclosures (sold as a stereo pair), Sleek all-black satin vinyl finish, Metal...
  • Bluetooth connectivity to connect wireless music sources
  • 3-inch copolymer woofers, 1-inch silk dome tweeters, AV shielded for multimedia applications
  • 15 watts per channel RMS, 30 watts per channel Peak, Passive crossover design for linear response from bottom to top
  • Front panel LED indicator, level control, headphone output and stereo input, Back panel Bluetooth pairing button, RCA inputs, passive monitor...
Edifier R980T 4" Active Bookshelf Speakers - 2.0 Computer Speaker - Powered Studio Monitor (Pair)
  • Built-in amplifier (12 watts RMS x 2 speakers) so there is no need for outside amplifier or receiver—just plug into source and play
  • Connects to any device that has a 3.5 mm headphone output or dual RCA outputs
  • Dual RCA inputs to avoid tedious plugging and unplugging
  • Suitable for desktops, laptops, TV, record players, and much more
  • Frequency response 70 Hz to 20 kHz ±9 dB
SVS SB-4000 13.5" 1200W Sealed Box Subwoofer (Piano Gloss Black)
  • Most advanced digital processor ever used in a subwoofer maintains pinpoint accuracy and pristine sound quality through advanced in-room tuning...
  • Maximizes the subwoofer’s ability to take control of a room and benefit from the acoustic potential of the space it occupies by tailoring the roll...
  • Allows the amplifier to deliver all the way to the limits of its rated power and maximize on the driver’s potential with massive output and no...
  • Lightweight and rigid composite cone with premium glass fiber dustcap generate massive output with pinpoint accurate frequency response

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